Chess education = College readiness!

Tournament chess is one of the fastest growing sporting activities amongst young people in Greater Louisville!



This is an informative interview of a former world chess champion. Many think this guy was better than Bobby Fischer...I am among them! Note how this former world champion talks about his global effort to promote chess in schools, everywhere, on all levels.

This is an excellent introduction on America's leading international Grandmaster, Maurice Ashley. We highly recommend his book, Chess for Success. It is available at local bookstores and the public library.

This is a brief documentary about a young Ugandan woman who has used the sport of tournament chess to overcome serious obstacles in her life, including extreme poverty conditions and fatherlessness.

Excellent teaching!

Outstanding. Motivational. Inspiring. One of the best!!

chess video

Outstanding blitz game!!!

This is a video that really should be shared with educators and parents. When you do so, please encourage them to contact HFS CHESS MARKETING.